Looking Back Over the Summer

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This is my last blog post as the documentation intern for our community garden. Summer is ending, and I will be heading back to school for my final year. This summer seemed to fly by so much more quickly than I expected. It is easy to forget how many weeds I’ve pulled, produce I’ve harvested, or seedlings I planted. However, looking back, it was a productive summer. I had never worked in a garden before, and the experience is one I am grateful to have. I have learned and grown so much this summer with the help of those in the garden. Weekly blog posts have helped center my feelings about the garden’s process, and people in the community have helped me learn how to help a garden grow and stay healthy. Through that experience, I have learned more about how to keep myself healthy. I have learned to take life one step at a time. I now know sometimes you need weeds pulled from your life, or some pruning, but other times you just need to be loved and nurtured. Nature and humanity aren’t all that different, and I think when we realize that, we become more whole.

– Elliot

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