An Abundance of Zucchinis

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Although the tomato plants have been given support several times now, they just continue to grow. So in good spirits, we were able to give more support to the tomatoes so they can stand tall. Many of the tomato plants are looking very close to ripe, so next week we should be able to harvest some tomatoes. This week we were able to harvest many other plants, though. We harvested several types of basil, blackberries, a couple small tomatoes, onions, cucumber, and lots of large zucchinis.

The zucchini was the largest harvest we had this week. There were so many zucchinis this week, many of us were unsure what to do with the amount we had.

Since many other people are likely getting a large amount of zucchinis from their garden, or taking them home from our garden, I thought it’d be nice to bring up some good ideas for what to do with zucchini. I know that my favorite thing to do with zucchinis (and how I’ll be using most of them) is to make zucchini fritters. There is a good recipe at this site. My favorite thing to do is make zucchini fritters with mashed potatoes and gravy. I could eat it all day.

Other options are, of course, zucchini bread, muffins, or cookies. Cherice also mentioned that you can just cut them up and fry them, or you can freeze some zucchini to use during the winter. We encounter this problem (a good problem to have, really!) pretty much every year, so here’s a post from a few years ago with some other ideas for using zucchini. Hopefully, you’re able to find good ways to use your zucchinis this year. I know I’m excited to use mine!

– Elliot

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