Time to Grow

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This week was a mix of noticing the bad, the good, and the in-between. The zucchinis appear to be getting some blossom-end rot, a setback for those plants. The kale and lettuce are a bit slow growing. Some could say a slow growth is bad, but slow does not always mean bad. Often, it can just mean the plant is taking its time. It comes when its ready, and if it isn’t forced that may mean a healthier harvest. Much like people, plants all grow at different rates depending on the year, external circumstances, treatment and more. If they aren’t pushed or forced to grow at an unnatural rate, they may blossom. We also harvested the last of the raspberries. Although, they pulled back this year, leaving room for the blackberries, there was still a fair amount of raspberries harvested. Blackberry bramble from the wild blackberry bushes has grown to be a larger problem lately, so it was cut away on the western side. The wild blackberries were given a lot of room to grow, resulting in bramble and thorns that needed to be cut away. Everyone has setbacks and pain in their life, but if they are like a blackberry plant, it will just mean more room for healthy fruit. There was some good harvest and some setbacks in the garden, but it will persevere, and so will you.

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– Elliot


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