Give and Take

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This week we picked peas, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, lettuce, and kale. Many of these plants had just been picked last week, and they were already weighed down with more fruits and vegetables. Some, like the peas, seemed like they’d grown an impossible amount since last week. We almost had a whole bucket’s worth of peas. I took my peas home and sautéed them in butter and spices, which was a good way to use up the vast amount of peas we had. However, some plants did not produce as well. The raspberry plants are weaker. Their berries are small, few, and not as good in flavor as the blackberries, which were large, flavorful, and plentiful. Cherice pointed something out that I found helpful when thinking about this issue. She said that once the raspberries overtook the blackberries, and they were doing very well. However, this season, it appears the blackberries have overtaken the raspberries and are doing better. She said that everything has its own time to succeed, while others may fall back. The blackberries and raspberries each had their own time to grow and prosper. This may not always happen at the same time. One of them had to pull back so the other could succeed. This happens in our relationships also. Many times in an intimate relationship, someone may have to give a bit more to help the other succeed. But in a healthy relationship, that person can know the other will take time to give in another period of life. Hopefully, this can result in a healthy give and take. People, much like plants, need healthy, give and take relationships with each other.

– Elliot

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