Supporting Those We Love

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The sunny days and rainy nights resulted in a good bounty this week. We picked several containers of fresh raspberries, strawberries, lettuce, kale, and broccoli. I commented on how much better the produce tasted than what is usually found in a large grocery store. All of the produce we picked went towards a delicious potluck that we could all enjoy together, plus portions for each family to take home.

The tomatoes had been affected by the sun and rain, too. Growing larger and larger, the plants were getting a little top-heavy, so we decided it was time to give them some support. We hammered in stakes between each plant, and tied twine around the stakes, leaving space for the plants to come up between the twine. In the end, each plant was carefully supported by the twine. There was just enough support to help the plants stand up without being weighed down by their fruit, but not too much to hinder their ability to grow.

As I watched these plants being slowly supported, I thought of many friends and family in my own life who are encountering so much success. Whether it be in finally having the baby they always wanted, getting promoted at a new job, or being accepted into graduate school, so many people are encountering fruitfulness in their life. However, with all this success comes stress and extra work, causing many people to feel weighed down. Like the stakes and twine, it is our job to support those around us without squelching their progress. It’s a sensitive balance, but an important one.

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– Elliot


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