Taking Away the Power of a Problem

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This week we focused on the large areas of tall grass and weeds in the areas of the garden we have yet to plant anything. We laid down cardboard to hold down the grass and weeds, giving them a smaller chance of popping back through. Then over the cardboard we spread wood chips, preparing the ground for adding new plots and, on top of that, making it much more pleasing to the eye. While we worked together to tear apart various sizes of boxes and wheel pile after pile of wood chips to pour over the cardboard, I began to think what these actions could mean on a deeper level. Much like weeds in our life that need to pulled out by the root, sometimes we have bothersome things in our life that need to be pushed down and given less power. You can’t always pull problems out by the root. Sometimes they’re like grass—they will always be there and it is very difficult to pull out every root, so instead you focus on how to take away the power from the problem. An important thing about this action is that it is always easier with help. Tearing apart boxes and bringing all these loads of wood chips in would have taken countless hours as one person, but because we worked together, as a community, we covered a lot of ground in just two hours. Sometimes it takes a community to work on a problem, and that’s okay.

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