Growing in Community

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This week the community aspect of the garden shone its brightest. For the first time, all three of our interns were together in the garden, after one of our number returned from Juniors Abroad. That night, families with young children and college students gathered together to share a meal and work together in the garden. The meal shared was the classic sign of a community—a potluck. We each brought our own food items and shared them together at the table.

But what made this experience feel even more like a community was the hard work we shared in before and after the meal. We came to the meal hungry and tired. We left it nourished, recovered, and ready to finish our work in the garden. Strawberries were harvested which became a part of our community meal. We were also able to plant some new seedlings. There are several habanero and swiss chard plants. Some individuals wondered how to use habanero, since to most it is unbearably spicy. We agreed that habanero jelly may be a nice treat once we harvest the plants.

Our irrigation system was worked on as we attempt to find a way to reach more beds with water. Hopefully, with a larger irrigation system we will be able to see more things being planted. We also were able to lay down cardboard over a large section of our plot and spread bark dust over it. This will hopefully stop the grass from going through so we no longer have to worry about regularly mowing it down.

All of this completed work was thanks to the nutrients we received that day, not just from the food, but from the community experience.

– Elliot Coulter



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