Weeding Out the Negative

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Gardening is always hard work, but some jobs are harder than others. One of the hardest is weeding, which we did a lot of this week. There’s a lot of reasons weeding isn’t the most exciting part of gardening. You’re required to be continuously squatting as you move up the line, crouching down to pull out any small weeds. Sometimes weeds are stubborn, and to get the whole root out you have to dig and pull as hard as you can. It can be hard to see the benefit because you aren’t pulling up something you will later eat, and you aren’t planting something you can watch grow and blossom. But the hardest thing is probably having to focus on the negative. Much like in our personal lives, focusing on the negative aspects that need to be removed isn’t fun. Effort and pain are often necessary on the path to less negativity. Whether it be in gardening, or our emotional lives, weeding is hard, but always beneficial. Once those weeds are gone it is easier to find the beauty in the rest of the garden. You can connect the healthy plants to the fact there weren’t weeds choking them. It all becomes worth it when you look up and notice a child learning to love gardening at a young age:


Or you plant rosemary in the spot you just pulled up chives last week and plant in soil that has been waiting for new life:


We weeded this week, but we also watched children garden with joy, planted new seedlings, and worked on irrigating our thirsty soil. The weeding was definitely worth it.

– Elliot Coulter


One thought on “Weeding Out the Negative

    Polly Peterson said:
    June 2, 2017 at 10:29 pm

    This is your best post yet. The pictures AND the theme work together so well.

    Sent from Polly’s iPad


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