Reaping the Benefits

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This week in the garden, we took from the earth and gave to the earth. We pulled up all of our kale, and in its place we planted broccoli, tomatoes, cabbage, and more. We also pulled up our bed of chives, and the bed awaits new seedlings. To plant these new vegetables we did add onto our beds and put in some new soil, but we also planted in the exact spot the kale had been in moments before. There is something beautiful about this equal exchange. Typically, we talk about how you reap what you sow—but long after you sow. This week we were able to reap and sow within the same hour, and we could see the benefits of our labor. This week, I have been using the chives as a wonderful addition to my potatoes at dinner, and others took kale home to add into their meals. Our bellies were filled after our hard work in the sun. We reaped what we sowed, and it was wonderful.

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