Living in Community

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Hey there!

I’m Elliot, and I’ll be the new documenting intern for the GFU Community Garden, so you’ll be hearing a lot from me this summer! Last Saturday was my first time working in the garden, and it was actually my first time ever working in a community garden. There’s a distinct difference between a small flower or herb garden in your front yard and a large community garden like this one. The differences of size and variety are pretty clear, but the greatest difference is the feeling you get working in the garden. As we laid out soil to expand the garden beds and put down bark to ward off weeds, I felt a connection to all of the people who had put their sweat into this garden over the years. I knew that my work was benefiting not just me, but everyone else who has a stake in the garden. What I felt was a sense of community, and I can’t wait to continue participating in that community this summer. Thank you for working in connection with me and everyone else in this fruitful project!

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