August 17, 2016

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The garden is producing well now! This week we picked a bunch of green beans, cucumbers, kale, and quite a few tomatoes. We thinned out our peppers and onions a bit, and the zucchini is still going strong. We picked our first few ears of corn, harvested some purple peas and cauliflower, and some regular ol’ green broccoli. Slugs are invading our cabbage patch, so we’re going to need to bring in some cheap beer and let them party until they can’t party no more…

We also harvested a bit of kohlrabi. None of us present had ever grown or intentionally eaten kohlrabi, so we were all a little stumped about whether it was ripe or how to cook it. It’s time to experiment! I found this blog post with five easy and helpful ideas for cooking kohlrabi. I’ll probably roast mine tonight. Yum!

We had enough produce that we were able to give quite a bit away to a local site of Lutheran Community Services Northwest, a relief care nursery for at-risk toddlers called A Family Place, which serves around a dozen families. We’re grateful for the work of A Family Place, providing a safe learning environment for kids in our community who are struggling, and we are happy to be able to help support the families they serve. Lots of love and care went into that produce! We hope it gives the families strength, courage, and hope to continue loving their sweet kiddos.

Harvest 8.17.16

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