July 6th

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This week in the garden, we spent time weeding, harvesting, and continuing to structure our plants. Some of our plants are getting less water than they need because they’re in a sunnier location and farther from the water source, so we’re working on getting more water to them by adding more hoses and larger exit points for the water to get out, rather than just little drip holes. We covered up the potatoes that are starting to protrude through the soil, adding wood chips on top to hold in moisture and to allow for plenty of space for the potatoes to continue to grow. We had a great harvest of zucchini, greens, and a bit of broccoli and cauliflower. There are a few more raspberries and strawberries, but they’re mostly done. The blackberries cascading down the west fence are getting ripe! The vines are annoying to deal with, but we’ll take the berries.

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