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by Grace Armstrong
Writing & Social Media Volunteer Intern

photos by Katie Culbertson
Art Volunteer Intern

July 14, 2015

Everything is growing so big! The raspberries and encroaching blackberries are appearing faster than we can eat them, which is saying something, because I love berries and could eat them all day. Plants like the peas and tomatoes have grown too big to support themselves, so we’ve been working on giving them more structure with ties and stakes. It’s getting hard to navigate the rows without lots of big hops and careful steps, so it’s time to have things grow a little more up than out!

We’ve also cleared out the tall weeds in the fenced corner by the compost so that we can lay down more cardboard and mulch to expand the garden. The mini field of weeds was so tough that we had to dig them out by their roots with shovels, but it was oh-so-satisfying to see the giant pile of uprooted weeds when we were done.

In addition to the produce that’s coming in from this garden, I’ve personally been getting more than my fill of delicious greens at the Newberg Farmers Market — I have more spinach than I know what to do with! Lots of spinach pizza, spinach omelettes, spinach pasta… does anybody have a favorite recipe for fresh greens? If you share it in the comments you can help me empty out my fridge and fill my belly!

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