Keeping Cool

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by Grace Armstrong
Writing & Social Media Volunteer Intern

photos by Katie Culbertson
Art Volunteer Intern

July 1, 2015

Our main focus lately has been a battle against the heat as we work hard to keep the garden watered and replant the crops that didn’t make it through the weather. Our tomatoes, peas, onions and cucumbers (my personal favorite) have been doing really well, and we’ve replanted peppers, corn and strawberries. We’re giving them another try with a lot of optimism since we now have our drip line system fully installed. The ground is very dry, almost dusty, on top- but once we dug down a few inches, we saw that it’s still nice and moist underneath, where the roots live.

Of course, the weeds have no problem growing in the heat! I’m very thankful that we started the garden on a foundation of cardboard and mulch, as it helps keep the grass and weeds at bay.

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The garden is feeling more like a place to be and less like a wild plot of land as our shed is fully built, we have shelves for tools and seeds, and a giant picnic table for potlucks and socializing! We’re secretly hoping that all the cherry pits we spit out around the table will grow into a rad tree-fort, but one can only dream.

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