East Coast Community Garden: Jarboe Park

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by Grace Armstrong
Writing & Social Media Volunteer Intern

photos by Jane Welp
Community Garden Member

While in Florida last month, community garden member Jane Welp was delighted to discover a community garden nestled right in Jarboe park, along with playgrounds, water features, picnic tables, and ball courts. There was even a weekly Saturday market for local produce and craft items, right next to the garden!

“I accidentally found it as we went to park. The garden is on a busy main road & very visible with nice fencing. Only one way in & gated to keep out loose varmints & ducks. Pesticides are an issue because people spray constantly for bugs the size of your fist in Florida.”

She says, “It was an oasis; containing a gardening shed, two hot houses, and lots of green space. The community garden was gated, and there were faucets everywhere, including a very useful sink for washing off produce.” The organizers had even created a children’s garden with its own plot and watering cans, making it easy for kids to join in on the fun. Jane’s grandchildren (ages 4 – 7) loved watering the veggies on a hot windy Florida day.

 “I am also so grateful for clean water which makes so much possible on our beautiful Heaven on Earth,” says Jane. “I love people who love dirt.”

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