Growing & Learning

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by Grace Armstrong
Writing & Social Media Volunteer Intern

photos by Katie Culbertson
Art Volunteer Intern

These past few weeks we’ve been busy planting tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, squash, peppers, cucumbers, and more. Every week we’re building and planting new garden beds, and many hands certainly make light work. Our garden is growing fast — both outwards and upwards!

Personally, I’ve been utilizing the poke-the-dirt and drop-seeds-into-the-holes method for my entire lifetime of gardening. I had no idea there was an easier way! A fellow gardener taught me a trick she learned a few months ago while working in the garden: make one long ditch with your hand/forearm, and then just sprinkle the seeds in. It’s probably an obvious technique to more seasoned gardeners, but we had no idea until somebody showed us. Just another benefit of working in the community garden.. we learn even more than we plant!

We’ve also celebrated our first two potlucks together in the new garden. There’s nothing better than ending the day’s work by gathering together to share food and conversation- especially when you’ve grown a lot of that food yourself.

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