Compost structure

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We made ourselves a compost structure!

It’s a simple structure made from 5 pallets, 8 T-posts, and a bit of twine to tie the corners together. It has two sections so that we can turn the compost into another space.

The goal is to begin hot composting. We’ll start with scraps from our home kitchens, then see if we want to expand to get some from the University or other local businesses. Here’s a helpful post about how to make hot compost, which promises good dirt in 18 days! You try to mix browns (wood chips, cardboard, newspaper and such), greens (veggie scraps, weeds, grass clippings, etc.),  Check back with us in 3 weeks to see if it worked…

Before then, if you want to visualize how hot composting works, check out this helpful diagram:

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