Planting, weeding, & getting slugs drunk

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Last week we planted some new lettuces and some starts, and we put out some high-quality slug bait: cheap beer. We noticed slugs were getting into some of our crops, not least of which was our strawberries! We put some Pabst Blue Ribbon out for the poor slugs to drink until drowning. Only PBR would do for our hipster slugs!

It was time for some new lettuces. Our first batch was going to seed, so we pulled out most of the spinach and some of the mesclun mix. We planted more of each, plus a couple varieties of lettuce and some Swiss chard. We also planted a few more squash seeds to fill out one of the rows.

I picked up some starts from a local woman who likes to start vegetables and does way more than she needs. She sells them to us cheaply each year. I got some kale, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, and a couple different varieties of tomatoes.

The day’s harvest included a bunch of rhubarb, mesclun mix, spinach, butterball lettuce, leeks, and elephant garlic. I also harvested some more herbs: chives, sage, oregano, basil.

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