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A few weeks ago, on April 24, we planted some beans, peas, corn and squash in our Three Sisters Garden area:

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This Thursday, May 15, after a couple weeks of rain and a week of sunshine, we have some beautiful little plants, clearly recognizable as peas and beans (pictured here; also squash coming up).

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Along with the plants we want growing in our garden, we’ve also got a healthy crop of weeds. We had to deal with that today. We’ve got some carpet scraps and other covers we use to kill back weeds in overgrown areas. After a few weeks on a particularly bad section, today we covered that area with cardboard and wood chips. We’re hoping to build a compost structure there this summer, and also extend our beds a bit into that corner. We also did some weeding, thinned some lettuces, and planted cucumbers and some more peas. We’re in the process of getting our watering system up and running again with drip hoses, hoping the baby plants make it through this unseasonably hot week: in the 80s here in Oregon.

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I’ve been consistently harvesting enough lettuce and spinach to keep my family in salad greens for the last month or so! We’re looking forward to a little more vegetable variety, but grateful for what we have.

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