First Work Day a Success!

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View of the garden after the work day
View of the garden after the work day

Saturday we met for the first time and began weeding, taking out last year’s dead plants, and planting some new starts. The sun shone and my youngest son ran around in his diaper, which means it was an unseasonably warm day for mid-March in Oregon.

We met in the morning with people interested in joining the garden for the season, and it was fun to meet some new people and see familiar faces. We all got really excited, thinking about all the fresh produce we’ll soon get to eat!

In the afternoon, we invited students to join us for a work day. A good group of students showed up–I’d say about 25, although I didn’t count. We offered chapel elective credit for this, which helped give a little extra incentive. One student said he had never planted anything before, so it was great seeing him dig in (literally) and plant out a couple rows of strawberries with his friend. We got strawberry plants, marionberry shoots and elephant garlic that were spreading too much in others’ gardens, and planted all of those.

This time last year, the garden was covered in weeds. It’s great seeing our efforts pay off from last Fall when we covered all the paths with cardboard a good layer of bark chips. There are weeds, but they are not overwhelming, and they come out easily. In an upcoming post, I’ll refer you to the method we use for covering the garden with compost and bark chips.

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